More than seven out of ten votes are in the cities, but the two candidates have been spending a large amount of time in rural communities. Tuesday was Lebanon day — with McCain in Lebanon, Ohio, and Obama in Lebanon, Virginia (above). Are they telling us by their schedules that, again, this election will be decided in rural America?

Sen. Barack Obama turned out 2,000 people to a high school gym, which is a six times greater than the 329 voters who supported him in Russell County, Virginia, in the Democratic primary against Hillary Clinton. Obama said he supported greater use of coal. “Clean-coal technology is something that can make America energy independent,” he said.

Obama was also endorsed by bluegrass legend Ralph Stanley. Sounds good, but Stanley also endorsed John Kerry and John Edwards. And Stanley lost two runs for local office in the 1970s. So while Ralph is undefeated in the music world, in politics, he's 0 for 4.

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