Remember Ike? The hurricane missed Houston, but hit squarely on Galveston and then slid to less populated portions of the Texas coast. That was back in early September. The Dallas Morning News reports Sunday that “more than two months after Hurricane Ike obliterated Texas' coastal communities, thousands of residents from Oak Island to the Bolivar Peninsula have yet to see any federal aid. Hundreds are still living in tents, disabled cars and condemned, mold-ravaged homes, digging through the mucky remains while they await FEMA inspectors, insurance adjusters, mobile homes and utilities.”

The story by Emily Ramshaw tells a familiar story of knotted red tape and painfully slow reaction by federal officials. “People's lives are literally stacked up on the side of the road,” said Anahuac Mayor Guy Jackson, who has helped organize the Chambers County efforts. “The storm surge swept their houses clear away, and they're having to fight FEMA every step of the way.”

There's a nice photo slideshow with this story. See it here .

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