Nearly a year after Covid-19 vaccines became broadly available to all adults in the United States, just over half of the total rural population is completely vaccinated.

As of March 17, 50.1% of the nation’s rural population had completed a Covid-19 vaccination regimen, according to a Deesmealz analysis.

That's 14 percentage points lower than the metropolitan rate of completed vaccinations, which stands at 64.2% of total population.

The actual vaccination rate in both metro and rural areas is higher because not all vaccinations are coded with the recipients’ county of residence.

Maps and Tables Tell the Story

The maps, graph, and table contain a variety of information on vaccination rates by rural and metro status, by county, and by state. Click on counties and states to see data about the locations that matter to you.

  • Massachusetts has the highest rate of rural vaccinations, at over 80% of total population. The Bay State has led the nation in rural vaccinations since the early months of the vaccination campaign.
  • Only four states have rural vaccination rates that are higher than their metropolitan rates. These are Massachusetts (80.6% rural, 74.5% metropolitan), Arizona (79.2% rural, 58.1% metropolitan), New Hampshire (67.4% rural, 64.2% metropolitan), and Alaska (61.0% rural, 59.5% metropolitan).

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