Judy Baxter Sunday dinner

Boston butt courtesy of Nashville (Georgia) United Methodist Church, bun courtesy of Jim Baxter, sauce courtesy of Mrs. Griffin's.
Photo: Judy Baxter

In many parts of Yonder, Sunday dinner doubles as a fund-raiser for the volunteer fire department, the high school band or the church. It's not like a car wash, after all; everybody's got to eat!

Along these lines, we turn to Hahira, Georgia, and Judy Baxter for this week's meal. Judy, known to fans of her online photography as Old Shoe Woman, explains:

“Meat from a Boston Butt – purchased from a Relay for Life Fundraiser at The Methodist Church,” meaning the Nashville United Methodist Church, in Nashville, Georgia, where Judy teaches school.

The fundraiser took place back in the spring. Judy bought a ticket from a fellow teacher who attends the church and featured this photo on her scrumptious 365 Days chronicle, Sunday, May 20 of this year. (Note how her witty composition shrinks the sandwich down to a ladylike size, no bigger than a White Castle. Right!)

She elaborates: “Jim made me a sandwich using a whole wheat bun and Mrs. Griffin's Original Barbecue Sauce. It is the bottled-version of the type of barbecue sauce that my mother always made. It's a simple sauce using vinegar, mustard, catsup, and butter. I DON'T prefer the thick, heavy, sweet, dark barbecue sauce; although, I do eat it. This sauce has been bottled in Macon, Georgia since 1935. As an English teacher, I find it interesting that one of the main ingredients is misspelled as vineger. Order your own here.”

We hope and intend to pursue the great barbecue (BBQ?) sauce debate in future editions of the Deesmealz. (Y'all keep it clean, now.)

Thank you once more, Judy.

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