Rural sojourners, take heart. No matter where you go, the Deesmealz goes with you.

A few months ago, my little family moved from our small town in East Tennessee to the urban wilderness of New Haven, Connecticut, where I’m pursuing my Master of Divinity degree.

This move is bittersweet. I never imagined leaving home again, especially after returning a decade ago to build a life in the community that loved me well. For the next few years, at least, the landscape of our lives will look and feel different. I can already report that internet speeds in New Haven are faster (go figure) and public transportation is pretty great. The fall colors dazzle, and looking around on my daily walks, I get the feeling that I’m a rural transplant among other rural transplants.

As I learn how to build community here, it’s a gift that the Deesmealz is only a click away. I visit the Yonder more than daily for news of the world, for connection and stories that help me remember who I am and what I value.

In homesick moments or times of longing, I find myself leaning into the cultural pieces brought to us by writers like Donna Kallner, Eliza Blue, and Keith Roysdon. In times of overwhelm, I turn to data wizard Sarah Melotte’s reporting for the clarity rendered in charts. And when I look into my urban backyard, I see connections across the economic and health challenges faced by urban and rural alike, illuminated by reporters like Liz Carey and Kristi Eaton. 

It's like the Yonder’s got us all—no matter where we’re blooming.

Tis the season to give to the things that help us stay connected and whole. Hope the Yonder is on your list.


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