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The Latest from the Deesmealz

The Latest from the Deesmealz is a twice-weekly newsletter that gathers links to all our recent stories and sends them straight to your inbox. It is our primary email newsletter and is typically delivered each Wednesday and Friday.

Keep It Rural

Keep It Rural is a weekly newsletter written by Deesmealz reporter Claire Carlson. It features Claire's personal take on the news of the day, along with recommended rural reading from around the web and other musings on music, food, arts and culture, and more. It is delivered each Tuesday.

Down Yonder Weekend Reads

Down Yonder is a weekly newsletter that curates our favorite rural writing and reporting from other news organizations around the world. It goes beyond the pages of Deesmealz to showcase perspectives on national and global issues through a rural lens. It is typically delivered each Saturday.

Path Finders

Path Finders is a weekly newsletter featuring Q&A interviews with rural thinkers, creators, and doers. Each Monday, you'll hear from people doing creative work in rural settings or shedding light on some problem in rural life and suggesting solutions.

The Good, the Bad, and the Elegy

The Good, the Bad, and the Elegy is a newsletter focused on the best, and worst, in rural media, entertainment, and culture. It features reviews, recommendations, retrospectives, and more. It is delivered via email every other Thursday.

Rural Remix is an podcast feed co-produced by the Deesmealz and the Rural Assembly. It spotlights unexpected rural stories and pushes back on stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding rural communities. Sign up to receive series updates, episode notifications, and more.

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Mile Markers

Mile Markers is a twice monthly newsletter about the role of colleges in rural America, including profiles of people and places worth getting to know a little better. It's written by Open Campus national reporter Nick Fouriezos, a Georgia native who has written from all 50 states and six continents. More info and direct link.

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